Summer ending

The summer is ending and students are going back to school in a few weeks.  I have filed for reelection for the Franklin School Board.  I hope to continue being on the innovation committee to ensure ROTC program is implemented and other program to enhance the education system.  Laurence Gartel arrived at the beginning of the month and has shown his art work to many people.  The students start doing the art work on September 8.  We hope the Governor will unveil the car following Monday.  I want to give thanks to those who has donated and given a chance for the students to do the artwork with a famous artist.

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Franklin Moving Forward

I remember when I first ran I wanted to start improving the downtown.  We needed businesses and jobs.  I am so glad this has finally happen.  Toad Hall, Davis and Towle Insurance Group, Once Again, Central Sweets, the bookstore and now The Franklin Studios.  On the way is a ice cream stand.  It is so refreshing to be in a coffee shop that is a gift shop.  I am on the board of The Franklin Studios.  I have enjoyed working there.  People state there is no where to shop for Christmas in Franklin. We will have one place and hope for many more stores.  Another positive happening that I did run on was the teachers getting a raise.  I am glad the school board worked the situation with the Teachers Union and city council.  The School Board was successfully to have a car donated from local dealer.  The artist Laurence Gartel is on his way.  I am raising the funds to allow 10 to 20 students to participate in the art class.  Laurence is going to give some choices for design and few ideas finding New Hampshire pictures or Franklin pictures to place on the wrap of the car.  This car will be showed around town for the life of the car.  Franklin will be the only on in the state to have the artist design the car.  Businesses will donate to have a logo on the car.  This car will also be used for organizations to drive to events around the state.  As the artist does this in each state, NH car will be shown as an example.  It may put Franklin on the map.

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Continue Energy in Franklin

May 26th city council meeting regarding Franklin for Lifetime action plan turn out was great.  At the end of the event, there were four categories people could participate in helping to improve. There are some activities already in place and grant money being requested.  One grant application is for hiring a downtown coordinator.  Franklin Drug Task Force had students do an environmental scan.  The tobacco signs on a fence at the convenience store at bottom of Prospect St has been taken down with the request of the Drug Task Force and the help of the owner.  Franklin is seeing some corporation from different organizations working to improve Franklin.  At the beginning of the month, I was appointed to the school board by the city council.  I hope to make a different in our education system.  I have been place as a chair of innovative committee working on Junior Achievement, JROTC (Junior ROTC) and getting a car for a 5 day art class for the students.  The art class will design a wrap to go around the car.  The students will be taught by a famous artist.  This will begin our STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) program.  I have been continuing to attend events on mental health and drug related problems.  Today was a Walk for Addition Awareness.  Next week and summit on the heroin overdose in the Winnisquam region.  Last month, I went to a mental health summit regarding changes needed at the federal level.  Last week, I went to a forum at Genesis in Laconia on what they are doing adapting to the new challenges on behavior and cooccuring mental health problems.

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Energy in Franklin

Today, I participated in a city wide clean up.  I am glad people are enthusiastic about cleaning up the city of Franklin.  I know when I first ran I wanted to clean up Franklin but no one had the energy or time.  It was good to see abut 25 people today cleaning up downtown and neighboring streets.

I did attend the Franklin for Lifetime this past weekend.  There were a lot of ideas and energy.  Everyone was please and can not wait until May 26 at a special city council meeting to see the final action plan.

Todd Workman has finally have some events at Toad Hall.  It was great seeing Dartmouth Acapella Group vs Colby Sawyer Acapella Group.  People had a great time and the students had a great time.  Dartmouth ended up winning the contest.  Hopefully they will be back.  Across the street, there is the Buell’s Building where there is going to be a NH Made store and possibly a brewery.

Colby Sawyers students have done a study of Franklin which suggest to have zero waste downtown and solar panels on roofs and so much more.  SB 251 is expanding commercial composting to include meat and dairy.  This should pass the House and if signed by the Governor.  Franklin can have its first commercial composting once passed and I am helping the owner to pass the needed legislation to get this going.  I am working on SB135 reducing lead poisoning.  Franklin is still in the top five with the highest lead poison incident in kids.  If passed this should allow more testing at the doctors office and pamphlets to go to the parents for more awareness.  I am working on another way to reduce the lead poising in kids.

I did establish a scholarship for the Franklin High School Students.  Margaret Evans Edgecomb was a History teacher and believe in students education.  The alumni idea was to create two $500 scholarships in her name to be given out to students who go on to further their education.

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Spring is finally approaching.  April 9, 10 and 11 will be a community workshop through the UNH extension.  I have participating in focus groups how to improve Franklin and what is needed in Franklin.  This workshop is guided towards aging.  The Merrimack County Nursing home does want to have  20 units in Franklin for a community senior center to provide some care to reduce the number of people going to the nursing home.  This community workshop at Franklin City Hall will provide a support system around these 20 units.  Public is invited for free community supper and program on April 9th at 6:00 PM.

The city welfare director and myself went to Manchester to visit the Family in Transition program.  The city welfare director will try to consolidate the resources so the resources are more one place shopping.  In the future, we will use the Family in Transition  intensive mental health program.

Representative Lorrie Carey from Boscawen and myself are working on creating a medical technology center for the high school students.  At this time, Franklin students go to the Huot Center where they do have health science technology and biomedical classes.  Medical technology center is for entry level positions for students who need a job before they get their job in their field.  There are so many opportunities in Franklin, we feel the center should be centrally located in Franklin.

I am helping the Franklin Teachers get their salaries increase.  We are waiting on a study if that will be feasible.  The Franklin School Board is researching to have a ROTC program which I am very in favor of having.  I believe , as I walked this district, students need to learn life skills and this program will provide those skills before they enter into any field of choice.

I did submit a testimony on HB 431 and HB 626 which would move the transmission lines of Northern Pass down the I-93 corridors and money from the project would go to the state.  I feel both of these are unnecessary due to already having a site evaluate committee (SEC) to go over these ideas and the proposed path of Northern Pass.  These bills tell the SEC what to do without any stakeholders involvement.  HB 431 was sent to the House with a suggestion to kill the bill or Inexpedient to legislate.  HB 626 was retained for further review.  HB 626 wanted to have energy corridors in the state along the interstate highways.  I had this issue when I was a legislative assistant in Virginia.  They do not work and very restrictive.  I am still working with city officials to have Northern Pass come through Franklin.

I hope everyone survives the winter and start enjoying the warmer weather.

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Happy New Year!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  I hope 2015 will be a productive year.  Today at First Day in Franklin, not only the kayakers had fun and enjoyed the chili and corn muffins but business leaders and other community members got together to discuss what we need to improve Franklin and the area. I will continue to reduce poverty and get people back on to their feet.  Strengthening the educational system.  I will work with others to bring more economic, funding and any other resources to the district.  Also creating jobs and internships for all.  I will post each endeavor as the year proceeds.  I have more meetings with business leaders, state officials and other elected officials.  Once again Happy New Year and lets stay positive this year!!!!



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The next two years.

Today is the last day of being a state representative after a lost in a recount by three votes.  I will continue to act as a state representative up until I run for election in 2016.  There is a lot of issues that need to be address for Franklin.  In the next few years I will ensure students of the district will have more opportunities to have internships.  I will try to help small businesses to expand and create jobs.  In 2016 once reelected, I will introduce extended producer responsibility legislation to increase our recycling rate and to create jobs.
Thanks for all those who supported me and hope I have your support in 2016.
Scott Burns

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