Endorsement of the NH Sierra Club

Because of the Paint Stewardship bills and other stewardship bills, I have received the endorsement of the NH Sierra Club. I will continue to improve on recycling laws.  I am working on stewardship bills, recycling of electronics and composting bill.


Thank You!!

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More Support and Franklin Candidate Forum

The teamsters have supported me in the past few weeks.  I have been endorsed by the NH National Education Association.

Tonight’s Franklin Candidate’s forum. One of the main issue was how we were going to cut the county budget and state budget. County budget, there are programs that can save money. For nursing home, there should be a community center for senior citizens to have a place to deal with aging in a respectful manner. For the prison, We should have recidivism programs. For the public safety, we should have prevention programs to keep students and others off drugs since drugs is the highest crime right ow. State budget, I would like to see each agency or department audited to see where programs or RSA that dictate programs or process are not needed and work towards programs that are needed and that are better investment with taxpayers money.

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2014 Legislative Report Card: NH Alcohol and Drug Policy

New Futures Legislative Report Card puts me in support of reducing Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Visit New Futures website or click on link:

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Message from NH Public Health Association

NH Public Health Association has thank me for my voting record on their bills in 2014. There will be a letter to the editor in the Concord Monitor soon. Thanks for recognizing me as a Public Health Champion for 2014.

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AFT-NH Endorsement

Today, I received a letter from AFT-NH. Once again, I have been endorsed by AFT-NH.  I will continue to support fully funding and support public education and public services.

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NH AFL CIO 2014 Endorsement

Today, I am proud to be endorsed by NH AFL CIO. I have taken the Working Family Pledge. I will continue to create jobs not only for the district but for NH. My Stewardship bills will create jobs.

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I am running for reelection to continue to support the education system to work with leaders to provide more job skills or internships to prepare for new jobs we hopefully get.  I will introduce some recycling bills that will create jobs for NH.  The Paint Stewardship Program once pass will bring in the mixing company since most of the New England states have this program.  The Mattress Stewardship program has companies already in Florida and Connecticut recycling Mattresses.  The company is willing to come to NH to expand and help recycle mattresses.  Another bill that will create jobs is mandatory composting.  We do not have infrastructure yet but once in place certain businesses will expand to compost food.  This is happening to New England states except Maine.  By expanding, I hope this will create jobs.

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